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We went to see The Social Network tonight. At the start of the film, Zuckerberg logs into LJ to blog. My first reaction was to turn to Fox and Sierra and say, "wait, I don't think LJ had that interface yet!" The scene was dated mid-2003, and he was using the blue-and-white interface.

...yes, I'm from the internet.

Anyone happen to know when LJ moved from the old blue-orange-purple-white layout to the blue-and-white one? Did my nerd powers catch a historical inaccuracy, or am I wrong?

On another note, I must offer a bit of native Palo Alto pride that the disposable coffee cup on the law firm table towards the end of the film is from my favorite cafe, Coupa Cafe. It was a nice touch. If you're ever in the area, go there.

I recommend the film, too. As Sierra said, it's rare that we see a movie for which we are so completely in the target market. It's very strange to see a film on the big screen about people who are only a couple of degrees of separation away.

It's no surprise that the film was very well directed. The film was incredibly well cast. The back and forth time shifts between present and past were well executed. The score and use of sound was good too. Story-wise, I suspect it was perhaps a bit generous to Zuckerberg's character, but not enough to make it fail to ring true. On the whole, I suspect a number of things were glossed over, but not to the point of untruth. On the whole, a solid film.

It was really nice to see a piece of my personal cultural history on screen, and I hope it does well at the box office.

Edit: Mystery solved, by Sierra with the Wayback Machine. It seems as though the change was sometime in August or September 2003, making the movie scene accurate.

Date: 2010-10-17 12:42 pm (UTC)
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I do remember a layout change happening in 2003, because the person I was seeing at the time explained how to change back to the older layout.

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