May. 16th, 2013

tyrsalvia: (santa)
When I was a teenager, an older friend in SF that I'd met online told me about the Cacophony Society. She told me about the first ever SantaCon, and some of their other events. I was enthralled. I had to meet these people! It was 1995, and I spent ages looking through pages and pages of internet search results until I found them. I cajoled a friend who had a car, and we drove to SF to sneak into a bar to attend a meeting. I was already a member. To the month, it was 18 years ago.

Tonight, I went to the book release party for a book by many of the folks who started some of that fine trouble. I saw people I hadn't seen in 15 years. It was old home night on the freak front. It reminded me of why I love SF.

Friends, I strongly encourage you to purchase a copy of this book. Buy it for your favorite weirdo. Buy it for yourself. Buy it for every teenager you know. Spread the gospel of Cacophony!

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