Oct. 16th, 2010

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As a gothy person who loves ridiculous clothes, orange & black, skulls and skeletons, it seems like I'd be really into Halloween. It's not that I haven't tried. I like the Halloween aesthetic when its done well.

But it turns out that the actual holiday, I'm not so much into. The overwhelming number of parties means there's never critical mass going to any one event, leaving me with a wealth of choices where I can see maybe two friends each. Because it's a holiday, everything is expensive. Traffic. Disgustingly drunk people.

And then there's the costume issue.

I love dressing up in stripey stockings, acid green and royal purple, shredded black lace. But that's not a costume. For Halloween, you have to be A Noun.

You don't wear something you just like; you have to be A Nurse or A Witch or A Kitty. And of course these costume pieces are not at all likely to fit into your regular wardrobe, so you have to buy or make something you'll only wear just once. You don't want to spend too much money, so you're left dressed in some cheap awful piece of nylon with no pockets.

Similarly, I really like clothes and costumes. Going to a good party means i get to look at gorgeous people wearing interesting things. Going to a Halloween party more often than not means I get to look at cute people in awful costumes with bad stage makeup running down their faces.

Bah humbug, I say.

This year, we're working setup for our Burning Man party crew at Ghost Ship, a giant rave on Treasure Island. I'm pretty happy about this choice. Working on a party both gets you in for free, and gives you a sense of ownership in it. We'll have friends with us, and new friends made during setup, and a feeling like we helped make something awesome. Short of getting all my friends together at one event, this is the best kind of Halloween event for me.

I'm still not sure on costume, though. Fox had suggested I go as the Red Queen, since that's pretty close to stuff I'd want to wear anyways. I'm thinking about that, or about maybe trying to make a really good and comfortable pirate costume to be on theme. I could do either, and it would be comfortable and danceable and have pockets and come in handy on other occasions. Perhaps I should just wear something I like and make up the appropriate Noun after I'm dressed.

Friends, what are you doing for Halloween this year? What costume(s) will you be wearing, events attending, plans planning? Am I alone in this frustration, or does it hit you all too?

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